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Who are we? Who was our creator? We are tired of hearing all kind of jokes when we show up in any bar of the galaxy:

I bet that your father is a crocodile and your mother is a duck...
My cousin Harold is exactly like you without the duck's mouth.

Are we unique in the universe? We have traveled several light years to come to the Earth because in Cyrus I heard a story.

A Sygmaurus told me, on Earth you will find your only relative in the universe and solve the mystery of your existence. Humans call it the platypus and live in the wild land of Australia.

But we are concerned, there are few platypus alive, if they disappear a part of our history will vanish. So, we are heading to Australia to know who we are and save our link with the universe.

Show case

Road Map


Stage 01


Launch 5555 Bizarre Platypus on Solana


Stage 02


Listing on major Marketplaces. (To be announced)


Stage 03

Community Fund

40% of Royalty Fee will go into a Community fund then a Dao system will be set up so the Holders can decide how to use the funds.


Stage 04


Helping endangered animals is one of our main priorities that’s why we will be doing various donations, starting with 30.000$.


Stage 05


We are going to do many giveaways for our holders starting with 333 pieces of the first Bizarre Clothing collection, using raffle tickets to select the winners.


Stage 06

Clothing Line

Bizarre Platypus Clothing Line will be launched on our website and in physical stores all over the world starting in Spain and France accompanied with a mass marketing that will start in all social media with big influencers, Graffities in famous cities, collaborations with other brands and Urban Art Galleries. 40% of Clothing Line Net incomes will go to the holders Community Fund.


Stage 07

Exclusive Garments for Holders

The holders are going to have access to exclusive garments with personalized designs, which will be decided by all of them and will be the most exclusive garments of the Brand.


Stage 08

Physical Stores

Connecting the metaverse with the real world is one of the project main objectives, that is why we are going to open physical stores starting first in Spain and inmediately after in France and we will expand all over the world, in which you will be able to buy the garments with Solana and our future token. One of our long-term goals is to be a recognized brand in urban culture. With this in mind we will get more people involved in the NFT world and the metaverse.

Roadmap 2.0


+ 500


We want that all our Holders feel special. That's why we are
implementing a project without rarity and more than 500 Bizarre traits,
all the Platypus will look rare.


Abdullah Hadia


Manuel Rovira

Co-Founder / UI UX

Luis Daniel

Co-Founder / Frontend

Luis Manuel

Backend Developer



What is the total Bizarre Platypus Supply?

5555 Bizarre Platypus will live forever in the Solverse


How much is the minting cost?

1.5 SOL


When is the launch Date?



Secondary Markets

Magic Eden, Solanart


Which Solana Wallet can I use?

Phantom, Sollet, SolFlare.


Will there be a Rarity Chart?

No, We want that all our Holders feel special. That's why we are implementing a project without rarity and more than 500 Bizarre traits, all the Platypus will look rare.